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Paul M. Getty is an expert witness in the areas of real estate investments, asset and property management, breach of fiduciary duty, fee disputes, and ethics in both litigation and transactional areas. He is an acknowledged national expert on real estate investments including:

  • Tenant in common investments made pursuant to Revenue Procedure 2002-22
  • Disputes between investors and financial advisors, investment syndicators, sponsors and asset and property managers
  • Fee disputes
  • Standard of care for asset and property management
  • Commercial real estate leasing matters
  • Ethics and rules of professional conduct

He also provides expert real estate testimony in matters involving:

  • Real estate investments in development projects offered either as securities or real estate and related documents (PPMs, LLCs, Operating Agreements, disclosures, due diligence)
  • Tax advantaged real estate investments including Tenant-in-Common, 1031 and 721 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), etc.
  • Commercial real estate agency malpractice
  • Financial advisor malpractice


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Expert Witness October 22, 2014


777 North First Street, 7th Floor
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